Caught Around A rock An elevator

Caught Around A rock An elevator

Recently, Tyrus and you can Kat was tossing it back into early weeks of the podcast. Tyrus evaluation aside his interviews experience towards the Kat. Kat talks about as to the reasons she believes a burglar was a feminist. Tyrus and Kat working area the brand new .

Bachelorettes together with Beatles

Tyrus Kat connect its music producer red-passed when they uncover what extremely happened in the the lady Bachelorette class. Kat suggests that this lady partner is actually a genuine social media investigator. Tyrus explains as to the reasons the guy would not should experience doing during the a beneficial .

Same old Tune Song

This week, Tyrus provides Actor and you may Bestselling Author, Dion Baia to the podcast to share the future of movie theaters. Tyrus explains specific clips function better proficient in the film movie theater and you will Dion contends one to some regions of online streaming .

Death By the Wedgie

Kat suggests to help you listeners the real symptoms during the a romance. Tyrus splits your situation from a rigid disease. Tyrus and you may Kat agree when someone continues to be visiting the bar, this one thing should not be to your schedule. .

Throwback – New Elephant From the Area

Tyrus reveals the true reason Kat bullies your to own their supper money. Kat and you can Tyrus falter the coded words regarding a Dr. Seuss antique. And you may Kat teaches you how a romantic date just after remaining their footing the new expenses in the a bar. .

Nuns Gone Crazy

Tyrus conveys his disdain having clickbait-y headlines about aquatic dogs. Tyrus Kat talk about the miscalculation at the siti incontri motociclisti gratis rear of that it “fruity” structure decision. Tyrus considers whether girls in reality love strength definition. Real Speak: Tyrus Kat come on in regards to the heartbreaking .

Tyrus has many genuine breaking news. Kat emphasizes the importance of having fun with a present when you find yourself provided it. Tyrus pulls a comparison between themselves and a particular imaginary teddy sustain. An epic Losses: Kat Tyrus spend tribute to the .

Genuine Talk: The brand new Shed Facts Away from Hurricane Ida

Tyrus provides Practical Products Owner, Ingrid Rinck into podcast to talk about the brand new aftermath from Hurricane Ida. Tyrus and Ingrid fall apart just how small business owners can be adapt and to improve throughout the wake of your COVID-19 pandemic and you can current .

Dying Rolls: The new Crocadillion Method

Tyrus Kat take pleasure in a special chew on air. Kat reminds audience as to why it is important to attention her bovine team. Tyrus phone calls bogus information to your good reptile-relevant story. Opinion Prayers: Tyrus gets a re-cover on disastrous .

And the Comedy Thing Is. Anyone Need to Lighten up

This week, Joe Machi touches Kat to give an after-the-views have a look at composing an effective Gutfeld! skit. Kat explains exactly how difficult it can be locate joy and you will comedy through the tragedy, particularly when you are looking at composing programs. What is Funny: Kat .

Tyrus Timpf: The brand new Go back to The street

Tyrus embellishes a story to make it a whole lot more interesting. Kat shows why she actually is alleviated one her partner is not comedy. Tyrus Kat question why these were maybe not anticipate on the producer’s marriage. Heartbreak Warfare: Tyrus gets their top .

America Wants A good Trainwreck

Kat suggests among ‘sins’ she the full time since a kid. Tyrus stresses the importance of having an escape method. Kat Tyrus tell you and therefore sounding precious jewelry is actually a red-flag to get because something special. I am Lovin’ it: .

Ladies Disaster: Embrace This new Maxi

Kat offers the number 1 method of getting regarding people public problem. Tyrus urges men audience to help you accept to shop for feminine issues because alternative is even worse. Kat suggests as to the reasons this lady has never purchased a couple of socks. Say Cheese: .

Community Vulture

Tyrus reveals their copy field plan. Kat arguments and that vehicle is best to access an effective hit-and-focus on. Tyrus and you can Kat request an entire-fledged apology off their producer to be missing. Brace This new Runway: Tyrus Kat agree totally that someone .

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