The guy was not looking to end crushing on the his roommate’s boyfriend, a pleasant guy entitled hoseok

The guy was not looking to end crushing on the his roommate’s boyfriend, a pleasant guy entitled hoseok

shortly after an enormous scandal, rap artist Agust D covers together with loved ones to prevent rumors from the him. but a battle with their mother forces your to search for his youthfulness home town neighbor since the hide-out as an alternative. now he has to live having playground jimin, their neighbor’s guy and you may yoongi’s first love.


jimin constantly thinks they are in the long run over it up to there will be something one helps make him come back and you will read he’s got never ever prevented getting crazy about yoongi. however, it doesn’t matter how enough time goes on and exactly how far they usually have changed, it however cannot act to their common attitude.

mandatory heterosexuality

yoonmin: Jimin was struggling to find a boyfriend given that their best friends is actually relationships, and all the guy do are third controls to them. sadly, most of the his times was in pretty bad shape, and his sensuous and incredibly upright 2nd-door neighbors Min Yoongi keeps to make enjoyable of him

namseok: Namjoon requires his roommate’s give to remain in their apartment whenever they go back to Seoul because the staying with their closest friend are a headache. That was not a smart circulate.


two things on the yoongi: he or she is an effective dreamwalker and he could be crazy about their pal park jimin. possibly he believes it’s common. but jimin only shows their ideas throughout their shared dreams and you may he will not consider them as he wakes upwards or, about, the guy acts such the guy doesn’t

fairy au

yoonmin: yoongi desired to escape his workload and private points, the guy didn’t purpose to find good fairy entitled jimin regarding woods, notably less toward fairy to follow your straight back, refusing to go out of yoongi’s family because the he desires let your. yoongi guesses he could utilize the business

taekook: while the an one half-fairy residing in the town, taehyung cannot end up being connected to their fairy front. shortly after jimin, a fairy hitched so you’re able to a person becomes taehyung’s pal and you may brings up him to help you jungkoo, a quiet however, charming fairy, taehyung starts watching the country in different ways.

first time collection

taekook: Jimin, Taehyung and you will Jungkook is actually virgins. They are used so you’re able to bad reactions because people trust becoming a beneficial virgin from the 23 try strange but they are finding solace in another. Up to Jimin manages to lose his virginity now Taehyung and you will Jungkook wanted from the bar as well

yoonmin: Jimin wasn’t expecting to meet up with the you to definitely, even less “the only” are Minute Yoongi, their unpleasant teacher secretary. Dropping his virginity you will be truth as session is over. But there’s a challenge: he possibly lied to Yoongi in the not-being a virgin.

nam2seok: Namjoon and Hoseok are typically members of the family whoever entire active converts upside off after they fulfill Kim Seokjin, this new handsome cousin away from a mutual friend out-of theirs. It plan to compete and you may follow him, just for Seokjin to tell her or him he’d such as for example all of them.

preschool bien au

yoongi seems to capture some slack off all of the really works the guy has to perform from the his organization to visit their son’s recital to have dad’s day at his kindergarten. yoongi discovers himself a small flustered as he sees their son’s professor on stage hater to the babies, dressed because a reddish canine.

hybrids au

yoonmin: jimin was not meant to find out one to his smash, common min yoongi out-of songs company, has been hiding the collectively that he is a cat crossbreed. sharing a key is always to bring her or him closer but yoongi seems to have an issue with human beings, or simply having jimin themselves.

taekook: just like the jungkook is unlucky the actual only real space he can afford lease getting is the one having good tiger hybrid neighbor. telephone call jungkook old fashioned but the guy prioritizes safeguards in which he believes bunny hybrids particularly your -preys- must not been alongside predators for instance the tiger over the hall.

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